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from texas is recognized for 15 minutes. >> mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. smith: i support this legislation to repeal the new health care law which will shrink jobs, increase taxes and limit americans' freedoms. although the supreme court has delivered its decision on obamacare, it is the people whose verdict counts the most. the american people have consistently rejected this costly and ineffective government takeover of the health care sector. they realize the law fail ours families, drives up the cost of health care, undermines the doctor-patient relationship, tramples on the religious liberty of millions of americans, and vastly expands the role of the federal government. after the supreme court decision, we now know that obamacare is a massive tax hike on the middle class. while the supreme court may have declared the law constitutional, that does not mean it is good policy for the american people. obamacare forces millions of americans to abandon their current health care plans and give up the
the board of education and hernandez versus texas, when latinos became a protected class. it means of neatly with her life. it is mostly going to be a political book. i was working on it really intensely, getting a lot done. but my new job is a little harder to go home at night and work late on. it will probably come out in 2013. she is doing her own memoirs. >> there is competition. >> from the woman herself. but since mine is not a biography -- >> what is she now? >> she said hers will come out in early 2013. >> i hope it does, because i can modify what i need to modify. mine is more about the political history. a whole chapter, for example, about a man of people thought bill clinton might put on the court. there was a controversial nominee to the d.c. circuit under george w. bush. you can await that. reuters is a wire service, like a.p., but i am not quickly filing alerts the way jim of the done.- jim matheny had i look at broader trends. i do not have to file every day, but it is the wire, so you have to fill a hole faster than you would for the newspaper. >> is anybody else working on a
to the author of this bill, the gentleman from texas, the man who understands that not knowing should never be an answer, mr. paul. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. issa: two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: for two minutes. mr. paul: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise obviously in strong support of this legislation. i don't know how anybody could be against transparency and they want secrecy, especially when the secrecy is to protect individuals who deal in trillions of dollars, much bigger than what the congress does, and these trillions of dollars bail out all the wealthy , rich people, the banks and the big corporations, international, overseas banks, bailing out europe, dealing with central banks around europe, around europe, and different places. and so say that we should have secrecy and say that it's political to have transparency, well, it's very political when you have a federal reserve that can bail out one company and not another company. that's pretty political. i know when people talk about independence and having this privacy of th
tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chairman from texas is recognized. mr. smith: mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, who is a distinguished jurist before he became a member of congress and then a distinguished member of the judiciary committee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. i can verify that there are people who have already lost their insurance because of obamacare. . it is not true that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. people have lost doctors who were assured if you like your doctor you can keep them. that is not true. we were told there would be no tax. and that's not true. in fact, in the bill itself, one of the most devastating things, if you are a single individual and making 133% of the poverty level, you are making $14,000 and can't afford $12,000 insurance policy, you are going to be fined at 2 1/2%. it is a tax. it will devastate. you make $40,000, a family of four, five, six, $1,000 fine because you can't afford a $12,000 policy, th
. >> the gentleman from texas is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman and madam secretary for being here. when you were here back in october we discussed the week before he had been online using the security clearance you have given him when you placed him on the advisory -- the homeland's security advisory council. he used that to access the state and local intelligent data base and download the material. we have information that he shot at trying to claim texas was islamophobes. since that time, you told me personally at that time that you were going to look into it. you were not going to appoint somebody. you yourself would look into it. what did you find out? >> i found out the statements that have been made in that regard are false, misleading and objectionable. >> you need to know that you have people who are applying in your department. the texas department of public safety has been told the investigation was done. he did access the classified information with his own private computer. he did download the documents that we knew he did. the one thing they could not confirm because they did n
of texas. i'll take a bit of my time to tell you a story. i passed a bill five years ago. i was in paris, texas making a speech. one of my good friends said, congressman, will you be able to make rain? it had not reagan days. i said, it well, that is sectiod page. he said, really? i said i just gave him a silly answer to a silly question. three years later, we had rainfall that drowned people and all of the farm programs below it. it rained incessantly day and night. i called him at 3:01 morning and his wife said he was mad when he got to the fund. he said, hello. i said hello. do you remember the question you asked me about that bill? go outside. >i have to go through that every time i go to paris, texas now. he was a good enough for and i could tell that to him now. we know how really timely this hearing is. we are very grateful to you all for your time and preparation to get here. for the time to help us. according to the u.s. drought monitor, over 70% of the u.s. is currently abnormally dry or worse. further, over half of the continental u.s. is experiencing moderate to extreme droug
on the dream act. the men in texas, we have seen in 90% -- living in texas, we have seen 90% good as opposed to harm. i appreciate there have been a number of realization of powers under the law that your agency has been affected in utilizing. i think this executive order will be helpful to all of us. it would be better under a comprehensive immigration reform. the 14-year-old texas girl was missing from 2010 until 2012 and was -- it was proven that she was given a fake name. she was held in the harris county jail. they took fingerprints but did not confirm identity before deporting her. in another incident, a chicago area resident born in india and adopted by an american, was flat as an illegal immigrant after a drug-related arrests because the federal government never updated his immigration status. he was held for two months in a maximum prison before they cancel the attention -- canceled the detention order. what phil years -- what failures could allow a u.s. citizen to be detained? please share before the subcommittee the outreach efforts ice initiated through secure communities, if at
from texas, the republican conference chairman, mr. hensarling. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for three minutes. mr. hensarling: i thank the gentleman for yielding. madam speaker, my democratic colleagues come to the floor and question, why are we here to vote to repeal the president's health care program? let me offer a few reasons. number one, the american people don't want it. the longer people have to know this bill, the more interested they are in seeing it repealed. reason number two, we hear from our friends on the other side of the aisle, well, the supreme court said it was constitutional. well, the $5 trillion of additional debt that they and president obama have foisted on the american people, it's constitutional, but, madam speaker, it is not wise. seniors know that the president's health care program cut half a trillion dollars out of medicare. a half a trillion dollars. the independent payment advisory board, one of 159 boards, commissions, programs to get between americans and their doctors, the independent payment advisory board, there t
are not making long-term problems worse. >> thank you. the gentleman from texas for five minutes. >> thank you. good to have you back. i want to go back to april of 2008. i think that is when you were president of the federal reserve bank in new york. you first addressed the issue of of libor. were you aware that informal e- mails were coming into the new york fed saying there is something up with libor? >> i do not believe that i was aware of those specific concerns before the spring of 2008. in response to your request, my colleagues are looking at a full range available year we will share with you in make sure you have that. i was looking at your response about this disclosure. i thought you made structural recommendations about how libor could be more reflective, but here is my issue with that. if they were having structural problems, i thought your e-mail was appropriate. what was being disclosed here was fraud. the special counsel for the federal financial crisis inquiry information said the regulator has an obligation to make a criminal referral if he expects a crime may have occurred m
has expired. the gentleman from texas is recognized for 5 minutes. >> thank you. your office was their response of the other day when we sent you a letter in regards to the libor issue. we will send you an additional letter today or tomorrow. one of the things that is interesting to me -- one of the 16 banks that were reporting on the libor dollar index, it would be difficult for one bank to influence that index, wouldn't it? >> generally, yes. >> it had to be more than one bank underreporting or not accurately reporting their borrowing. >> the reason some of the banks under reported during the crisis was not to affect the overall libor rate necessarily but because these numbers are reported publicly, they want to avoid giving the impression they were weak and others were strong. >> if one bank is reporting dividend the other ones, that of his it would not influence the overall index. >> if they were in the top four or the bottom four, they would be cut out. >> when the fed first learned about this, you have some correspondence with the bank of england. three domestic banks w
will be postponed. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? >> i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will report the amendment. will the gentleman specify his amendment. mr. poe: cutting support to 650 -- $650 million under title nine. the chair: the clerk will report. the clerk: amendment offered by mr. poe of texas, at the end of the bill before the short title insert the following, section, the amounts otherwise provided in title 9 of this act are revised by reducing the amount available for operation and maintenance and defense-wide to reimburse countries for support by $650 million respectively. the chair: the gentleman from texas is recognized for five minutes. mr. poe: i thank the chair and thank the chairman and his staff for especially working with me on this amendment, which i would like to associate my previous remarks in a previous amendment on pakistan to this amendment. and it basically -- the intent is to cut half of the money that goes to pakistan under title 9 in this legislation. and i yield back. mr. young: would the gentleman yield? mr. poe:
on the voter i.d. laws in texas and south carolina because in our judgment the facts supported them. i agree wholeheartedly with the views of the former attorney general who talk about voter identification laws and said earlier this year the supreme court referring to indiana adopted the department's views that voter ideologues are not unconstitutional -- id laws are not unconstitutional, and held many say flaws. the same time, the court acknowledged the undeniable fact that they could burden some citizens' right to vote. it is important for some states to implement and administer such laws in a way that minimizes the possibility, and it is important for the department to do its part to guard against this possibility. we will not hesitate to use the tools available to us including the voting rights act if they are used to improperly denied the right to vote out. i completely and utterly to agree with him and evan bayh is our approach. >> i will contain -- and that in bodies of our approach. >> i will continue that discussion. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank y
itself in accord. the department of justice case against the texas -- in. itself in court. the department of justice has a case against the state of texas, that the trial, shock was expressed in counting military id's. there is no excuse for failing to except the government-issued military i.d., and the public deserves an answer for this today. further partisan bias is clear in the national voters registration act enforcement, aggressively suing states for not aggressively enough registering voters at welfare offices, but not a single case to fight fraud. when ford tried to comply voluntarily by removing non- citizens from its boulder roles, and the department of justice rushed to court, and lost. over objections, the department of justice forced dayton, ohio, to lower the passing score on the police recruitment exam to increase diversity even though federal law prohibits altering the results of employment-based tests on the basis of race. it appears the division is breaking the law. further, the civil rights division requires taxpayers to pay for costly bilingual ballots, even though it
of texas and florida refused to raise it before the supreme court and were held against their will by a supreme court that said we would like to hear this kind of thing. it seems to me you have a pretty good chance of winning. the interesting feature of that is i regard this as a relatively easy case of a matter of first principle, what i thought it was an extremely difficult case as a matter of constitutional law. one of the most interesting cases hall was south dakota versus dolt, in principle but said that certain conditions attached to government grants, he did it in that particular case by introducing the distinction between inducements on the one and and coercion on the other. it is a correct distinction, but he drew it in the wrong place. if i said, give me all your money, that is coercion. if i said, give me a 5% of what you have in your wallet, that is a form of inducement. you can draw the line between what you ask for, but the line is, i would like to get your wallet and i will pay you dollars for it, it is and is meant by giving my own situation. he managed t
, congressman henry clay hard to come a democrat of texas discusses u.s. relationships with the new mexican president. scott garrett, republican of new jersey a member of the house but mitchell services committee will address the fight over tax cuts to provide sequestration, and pp the secretary's
they have taken is the affirmative action case from texas. we do have a court with five members who are very conscious of race related measures. this comes from a place with a very idiosyncratic admissions process. i will think that they will take the, the case -- the doma case. it only asks if the federal law has to track benefits in states where people are already lawfully married. it is only making the federal law concurrent with state law in an area where state law has traditionally governed. that is a much simpler and easier case than the one of the proposition 8 case would defend. >> we should see if it will only be a texas case or a national case. i would bet that the white cases will win a somehow, otherwise they would not have taken it. the top-10 graduates of the high school of around the state have automatically been admitted to austin and. texas started using it as a race factor. as long as you have got it diversity through this one system, you can't go beyond it to consider race. on the other hand, they could say that any use of race is unconstitutional. >> it is interesting how
. culberson of texas after 5:00 p.m. today, ms. jackson lee of texas from 1:00 p.m. today through july 26. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the requests are granted. for what purpose does the gentleman from oklahoma rise? mr. lankford: i move that we adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands in adjournment until colorado. here on c-span when members come back in thursday at 9:00 a.m. eastern. the first weekend in august, visit the kentucky city named for louis the 16th on book tv and american history to be. >> we have been collecting since 1884 and we have amassed over 128 years if the nominal collection. everybody has heard of the lewis and clark expedition. what many people do not realize is that the expedition has deep roots here in louisville and kentucky. many historians believe this is the only verify animal artifacts from the expedition. the horn of a big sheet. we know from information that william clark provided and family
coverage, medicaid, medicaid coverage, there would be fewer insured. true. that's true. texas has refused to increase its medicaid program. well, that's texas' decision and hime sure the governor, -- i'm sure the governor, legislature, will have to address that. but the fact here is that the medicaid coverage actually provides the opportunity for some 17 million americans to get insurance. that do not now have insurance. and if we provide the clinics, if we provide the residencies for the doctors who would be able to care for them, they will have access. and i can assure you that if we also do the preventative services, we will see a decline in the number of severe cases, people will not get so sick that they have to go to the emergency room, they'll get care early and with the drugs that are necessary they'll be able to avoid the very expensive illnesses. that's in all of our benefit. you mentioned vaccinations. these are all ways of reducing costs. so, here we are. once again debating something that is now the law, that is proven, proven to provide services to americans, whether they ar
that needs to be address to. host: danny is up first from houston, texas. caller: hello. what is made in the usa? i made a resolution -- i am 82 years old, retired engineer. i made a resolution unless entirely needed, not by anything that was not made in the usa. i found everything, if you look. host: how much time did it take you? guest: that is fantastic. that had to be your choice and it should not be somebody in washington, d.c., telling you how to spend your dollars. it is made in the u.s.a. because we have a 10% tariff on imported wool coats from other countries. i pay more and somebody else pockets the money. i think most americans would choose to do business with their friends and neighbors. i can afford to% more on the suit. a single mother buying new shoes and t-shirts, those of the people that are hurt the most. guest: i think danny is trying to buy american. our own government is moving in the opposite direction and negotiations are taking place over the next global free-trade agreement. there are measures of el al law any kind of labeling to identify the country of origin
. from the naacp annual convention in houston, texas, president obama and vice president biden. this is a half hour. >> good morning, naacp. i am sorry i cannot be with you in person but i want to take a moment to thank your board chairman and president benjamin jealous for their leadership and strong partnership formed with my administration. i want to thank everyone at the convention for coming together, not just today but every day. to bend the art of the moral universe toward justice. i stand on your shoulders and the naacp has always believed in the american progress -- promise. no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from, america is the place for you can make it if you try. that is why he fought so hard for good jobs and quality education and the justice system that treats everybody fairly. that is why you helped make health care reform and reality. that is why you are still fighting today because you know that our mission right now is not just to recover from the recession, it is to reclaim the security that some americans have lost. our goal cannot
rate by almost 1%. in texas alone, this means a loss of more than 100,000 jobs. if small business, and i would submit that even further, manufacturing, is an engine of economic growth, why are we making decisions that will inevitably stall that engine? the budgetary issues, the federal government is facing, they are the same ones that i as a small manufacturer and a taxpayer deal with every day in my own business. analysts say that the defense industry is facing choices -- exit the market, double down on defense by buying your competitors, or whether the storm. at our company, we have chosen to invest in product development. these are major investments for a small business. we are committed to developing products that will meet the military's operational and procurement requirements. i believe that this dedication to providing innovative products for defense industry helps to illustrate the potential impact that sequestration will have on my business and many others. sequestration, as it is being discussed, will create a mass exit -- exodus of talent and skill to other industries.
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)